Buying an Engagement Ring - Understanding the Four C's of Diamonds

So you've found the perfect girl. Now it's time to find the perfect ring to seal your forever. And if you're like most others, you're probably aiming for diamonds. Why not? They couldn't be more perfect in every way. Not all of these gems are created the same though, so you need to do a little work finding the best one for your queen. How else to start but by understanding the four C's of diamonds - Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity.


While all Cs are important, cut grade is the one you should never compromise on. And don't mistake it for shape - they're two totally different things. Cut refers to how sparkling a diamond is when it hits light. If you want your engagement ring to be all brilliant, go for an excellent cut grading. 

Clarity refers to how clear or flaw-free a diamond jewellery is. Remember, the more flaws there are, the less brilliant the stone becomes. Of course, in reality, you can't really tell how flawless a diamond is, so it may be fine to compromise a little on clarity if it means keeping your budget. 


The color of a diamond is graded according to a scale that starts at D (colorless) and ends at Z (yellowish or brownish). Color though is not an issue of beauty in a diamond, but rather of rarity. And as you might expect, the rarer the diamond is, the pricier it is.  

Does carat matter? According to the pros, yes!  For day to day wear, you can get the largest diamond that fits your budget.  Though great quality is awesome, you'll want your diamond to be visible. Some girls just love big rocks, and if your soon-to-be fianc? does, give her! 

The idea is to get that perfect balance among all four Cs, which will most likely involve some compromise between quality and size. A top quality diamond in terms of clarity and color can be four times more expensive as its lower color and clarity counterpart, weight being equal. If your budget is tight, get a colorless to almost colorless diamond with an F to G grading and blemish-free appearance, a VS/SI clarity grading, and a VG cut for total brilliance. 

If you need help with wedding rings, the best thing you can do is consult a jeweler you trust. There are many reputable shops online and all you have to do is check their reputation. Like diamonds, not all jewelers are the same, so do your homework and stick to those who are known to practice honest business.